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Milepost 17-22.5 Rehabilitation Project

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF), in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will rehabilitate and improve the safety of 5.5 miles of the Seward Highway between the communities of Moose Pass and Seward, Alaska.

The Seward Highway is the only way to drive to Seward and parts of the Kenai Peninsula, which are popular recreation destinations.  The roadway is located in a constricted valley between the Kenai Lake and steep mountain walls. Narrow, curvy highway design means there are limited sight distances and passing areas, so traffic becomes congested in summer.  Because of the challenging topography, roadway shoulders and bridges are narrow and the ditches are inadequate.

The Seward Highway MP 17-22.5 Rehabilitation project has been identified as a priority by ADOT&PF primarily because it will  enhance the safety of the roadway by increasing sight distances and providing additional slow vehicle turnouts where feasible.  ADOT&PF’s main goal is to improve safety.  This project is what is often called a “3R” project; it will resurface, restore, and rehabilitate the corridor, and by doing so improve the driving surface, and extend the service life of the roadway. In addition, as a part of this project, the bridge at Victor Creek will be replaced, and the two Snow River bridges will be rehabilitated.

Project Area Map

Project Features

For this rehabilitation project the Seward Highway will be widened from 28 to 37 feet, and will for the most part remain in its existing location. To enhance safety, a minimum of two new slow vehicle turnouts, one northbound and one southbound, are planned for the project corridor.

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